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Classification of Digital Signage

Classification of Digital Signage

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Classification of Digital Signage

Classification of Digital Signage

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Classification of Digital SignageIt is believed that Digital signage has re-defined the advertisement industry. This is why the airports, bus and train stations, shopping centers, retail shops and even fuel stations are replacing their old signs with the advanced digital signs.  While each digital sign is customized according to the location and purpose, there are four major types of digital signage:

Digital Signage Posters:

These are the most basic type of digital signage. To be precise, digital signage posters are flat screen TVs, erected flat on the walls. These are very easy to install and maintain as there are no complications in mounting or operating them. Depending on the requirements, their size and design can be customized, for example, small sized posters are best for applications where point of sale advertisement works well. A major advantage of digital posters is the low space requirement which is because these are erected with the walls.

Floor Mounted Digital Signage:

These type of displays work best for shopping malls. The LCD display is mounted on the floor, either through an enclosure or a stand. Alternatively, these can also be fixed into the floor through bolts. If the location of such digital signage is carefully selected, these can prove to be very effective in drawing customers’ attention towards the advertised products or services.

Ceiling Mounted Digital Signage:

In few instances, digital signs are hanged from the ceilings. This saves space which might be otherwise occupied by floor mounted digital signage. However, ceiling mounted digital signage are less likely to catch the attention of the customers as these are far above the natural line of sight and are only visible if the customers look up. This is a serious drawback of these type of digital signage and this is why their use is not very common.

Outdoor Digital Signage:

The use of digital signage in outdoor advertisement has become a global trend. Due to ease of use and excellent ability to attract customers, digital signage has replaced the conventional outdoor advertisement technologies. The outdoor digital signage are mainly same as indoor ones; the only difference is that the outdoor digital signs need protection from extreme weather and harsh conditions so they are made to be more resistant