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image-300x300Let’s admit it, the present era is the era of outdoor advertisement. The advertisement industry is rapidly changing its ways and mediums and therefore, if you are still thinking that a local newspaper, radio or television advertisement about your business is going to work forever, you should re-consider your opinion! The future belongs to outdoor advertisement mediums like billboard signs. Therefore, it is important to leave the conventional ways of advertisement and pay attention towards billboard advertisement.

Billboard advertisement is not a complicated matter, yet there are certain things which should be considered to ensure the maximum visibility and noticeability of your billboard. Here are some of the important factors to consider.

1 Know That Less Is More

The word count for a billboard varies depending on its length, width and purpose. However, the standard rule forbillboard signs throughout the world is that it should contain maximum six words. This is because according to estimates, an average person can only spend 6 seconds looking at a billboard while he is moving past it either on foot or on a vehicle.

2. Maintain Balance Between Attractiveness And Distractedness

Through billboards, you get to convey your message in just a few seconds because the billboard signs mainly target pedestrians, drivers and bikers. This is good and bad the same time because on one side, these billboard signs help you to get attention of a large number of potential customers who pass in front of them every day. But on the other hand, you cannot make your billboard signextraordinarily flashy or attention capturing because obviously, you cannot afford to be responsible for any accidents or mishaps which might occur if your billboard distracts any pedestrian, driver or biker. So, make sure you maintain a good balance between making your billboard attractive and distractive.

3. Do Not Make It A Puzzle

In billboard advertisement, it always helps to be creative and smart. People love the funny, creative and catchy tag lines and metaphors. But, making these taglines or metaphors too complex to understand will only make them boring for people. After all, billboard signs are not meant to make the audience scratch their heads. Try to keep your billboard advertisement creative yet simp

4 Increase Your Gross Rating Point (GPR)

Billboard signs are a mass market medium but to be effective, there should always be more than one billboard for your business. One billboard sign is not considered a true advertisement. A standard method to assess the effectiveness of your billboard advertisement is through Gross Rating Point (GRP). This rating takes into account the size, location, visibility, traffic and other important factors and compiles a score between 1 to 100. The higher the value of GPR, the more effective is the billboard advertisement of your business.  So, in order to increase your impact around the area, you need to get the higher rating and that requires an increase in the number of billboards

Well, it obviously is not cheap to do. In a major area like Aurora, Ontario, the costs of billboard advertisements are high. But for a good and effective advertisement campaign of your business, you do need to spend some extra dollars.

There is no second opinion about the fact that it is advertisement that makes or breaks a business! If you take care of these factors while planning and designing billboard advertisement campaign for your business, there is no doubt that it will pay back all the costs incurred during the campaign by attracting more and more customer towards the business.


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