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Outdoor lightingWith the increasing trend of working late night, in most of the medical, education and commercial organizations, the need of outdoor lighting for walkways, parking lots and lawns is being widely acknowledged. Outdoor lighting enhances safety and sense of security among the dwellers and visitors who need to walk or drive outside at night. Outdoor lighting also makes the external environment of a building, aesthetically more attractive. Properly installed good quality outdoor lighting provides:

  • Minimum glare
  • Minimum cost

There is no denying to the fact that good outdoor lighting brings incredible benefits, but this is also true that poorly designed, defective or badly installed outdoor lighting is counterproductive. Outdoor lighting is regarded as “bad” If it produces glare and maximizes cost.

Glare Effect:

Usually, people have this misconception that more glare means more light. In fact, glare is a basic parameter for assessing inefficiency of light.  The lighting installations which produce glare are highly ineffective and inefficient. Glare reduces night time visibility hence arising the issue of safety and security in the outdoor area. In addition, renowned eyes specialists suggest that glare is also bad for eyes of the people who walk through that area.

Higher Costs:

Another disadvantage is that millions of dollars get wasted everyday on improper and bad outdoor lighting. Poor outdoor lighting, due to its low efficiency and more light wastage characteristics, incurs higher cost. Moreover, bad practices such as carelessness in switching off the outdoor lights after sunrise, also result in increased costs of lighting.

Recommendations For Properly Lighting The Outdoor Areas:

Here are some recommendations for making your outdoor lighting, efficient and cost effective:

  • Use long life lighting technologies to avoid frequent maintenance. LED and Compact fluorescent lights are considered to be best for outdoor lighting in terms of their low maintenance requirements.
  • Make sure only those outdoor lights are switched on which are necessary for safety and security. Turn off all unnecessary lights.
  • Use Intelligent light control systems such as motion sensors, occupancy sensors, programmable controllers etc.
  • Use fully shielded light fixtures to reduce glare and wasted light. Shielded light fixtures, also called as “full cut-off” light fixture have a solid cap on top which helps in reducing glare.

Good outdoor lighting is considered as a community asset. It improves the quality of life while at the same time, saving money. On the contrary, bad outdoor lighting costs you more money and often becomes a nuisance. The choice is yours!

So do you have extra money to waste on inefficient outdoor lighting?