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Cost Benefit of Induction Lighting for Commercial Properties

Cost Benefit of Induction Lighting for Commercial Properties

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Cost Benefit of Induction Lighting for Commercial Properties


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Induction lighting is becoming the go to lighting for those who have commercial properties. Those in this setting find that along with the many benefits of having this type of lighting, they are going to have a huge decrease in the amount of electricity in which they are using. This can result in the company having to pay less out of pocket and keeping more of their profits. With this being said, companies who are interested in the cost benefit of induction lighting will find it necessary to compare this new lighting trend to what most commercial properties are still currently using.

What Commercial Properties Installed Years Ago

Most commercial properties are still utilizing the lights in which they updated to years ago. This is usually a mixture of florescent lights and LED lights. Though both of these lights were at the time considered some of the best technology out there, they do pose some problems. These problems are:

Flickering lights

Lights make a humming noise

Last only short periods of time

The light in which these types of fixtures give off is not as bright as what most people would look to see

The Difference in Today’s Technology

Electrical services Aurora, Ontario are seeing a huge increase in the number of commercial propertieswho are interested in receiving the induction lighting in their buildings and outdoor lighting. The reason for this is:

These lights have a life of around 100,000 hours

They require little to no maintenance during the time in which they are running

There is no flickering of the bulbs

There is no humming sound or the like that comes from these fixtures

These lights can start up in any temperature with the same results each time

Cost Savings

When considering the savings in which a person can achieve from using these induction lights in their commercial property, they are going to find on average the savings is fifteen percent. However, this savings can be more or less depending on the size of the property and the number of induction lights, which are being used. There have been many commercial properties who find the cost savings in addition to cutting down on the carbon dioxide in which they release into theatmosphere, a huge reason for using these lights. The latest light technology is just one way in which commercial properties can ensure they are getting the best deal.

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