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The History of Induction Lighting

The History of Induction Lighting

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The History of Induction Lighting


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Induction Lighting is one of the recent technologies that many electrical contractors are recommending to their residential and commercial clients. Most people are under the assumption that this is the newest type of technology on the market. However, that is not the case. This type of technology has been around for several years and offers many benefits. It is just now that people are starting to see what this can do for their home or their business.

History of Induction Lighting

The history of this type of lighting service starts in the late 1800’s. This was a design made by Nikola Tesla. However, it did not stand out because Edison was perfecting the modern light bulb, as we know it. Tesla believed that his system of lighting was going to be the best solution for those who were looking to light their homes or businesses simply because of all the benefits this type of lighting had even then. Despite these claims, most people paid no attention to Tesla, and simply wanted to further Edison’s accomplishments.

The Benefits Described by Tesla

Those who look into the history of this type of lighting will find Tesla made some of the same arguments that residential lighting services make today. These benefits include:

–         Long lasting

–         Brighter light

–         Easier to maintain

Tesla went into detail stating that the use of this type of lighting system was going to allow for a softer light that would be less harmful to those who use other types of lights. Tesla was a strong believer that the modern lights many people were interested in causes the eyes to become damaged and can lead to baldness. Though these claims have not been substantiated, during this time this was something in which people were concerned with.

Induction Lighting Today

Those who are interested in this technology will find that many of the benefits in which Tesla described are evident in many recent studies completed on these types of lights. Studies have shown:

–         Life of these lights is around 100,000 hours

–         Lower levels of mercury within these lights when compared to other lights

–         No humming or flickering within the lights

–         A number of white spectrum light in which a person can choose from

With all the advancements in lights, it is easier to see why these types of lights are becoming standard for those who are interested in getting something that is well worth the value and time invested. It is essential that a person choose a qualified electrical contractor for installation to ensure the lights are perfect.