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How to Prepare Your Family for Electrical Services Disruption

How to Prepare Your Family for Electrical Services Disruption

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How to Prepare Your Family for Electrical Services Disruption

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Reflecting upon the recent natural disasters, the Haida Gwaii (Canadian) earthquake and Hurricane Sandy, respectively, we’d like to share some quick tips on preparing for electrical services disruption and power outages. Our hearts and prayers go out to all affected. – Chris Jordan, 1-888-burnt-out? founder and CEO

First things first: It is never safe to attempt DIY (do-it-yourself) electrical services repairs where flooding or other circumstances makes your circuit breaker or fuse box unsafe to handle or difficult to reach

The Basics

Not to confuse one with the other, a circuit breaker and fuse box are two different methods used to cool the wiring in your home – each designed to ‘break’ the flow of electricity when a circuit experiences a heated overload. So what’s the main difference between the two? While the fuses in a fuse box can burn only once, a circuit breaker is manually reset-able.

When too much power passes through a circuit, a fuse will burn out, which stops the flow of electricity. On the other hand, a circuit breaker ‘trips’ in response to the heat and subsequently shuts off. Restoration of electricity requires that a fuse be replaced, while a circuit breaker is simply reset with the flip of a switch.

Although it is common for newer homes to have circuit breakers, both circuit breakers and fuse boxes work to prevent damaged appliances, outlets and potentially life-threatening electrical fires.

General Tips: Preparing for Electrical Services Outages

• Before circuitry overload occurs or disaster strikes, familiarize yourself with the location of your circuit breaker panel or fuse box. Keep the surrounding area and footpath clean and free of debris and standing water.

• Keep several working flashlights with working batteries – one to keep in or near the circuit breaker panel or fuse box and one for you to find your way in the dark. Experts warn against burning candles during an electrical services power outage, especially when the source of the outage is unknown.

• Consider electric panel relocation when devices are located in underground basements. This will help you avoid the dangers of electric shock in the event of flooding.

• Before investigating the source of the outage, turn off all light switches, save one that will notify you once electrical services are restored, and unplug all appliances

• Contact an electrician if: You experience lights that flicker or fade; repeated blown fuses or tripped circuit breakers, or rusted, discolored or overheated panels; unusually warm outlets and switch plates

A little preparation will keep you and your family safe while in the dark. If you live in an area that is prone to natural disasters or if it’s been some time since you had a professional electrical services inspection, take the time to review these smart tips. In addition, be sure to prepare emergency kits, meal plans (don’t forget to pack a manual can opener!) and medication supplies in preparation for an extended power outage.

Apart from natural disasters where governmental agencies mobilize and implement electrical services repair efforts, it is important to leave the repair of complex power outages to the professionals. 1-888-burnt-out? Electrical Services, Aurora, Ontario, provides residential many services, including electric panel upgrades and fuse box conversions.

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