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Seeing the Difference: Lighting Quality and Lighting Maintenance Solutions for the Entrepreneur

Seeing the Difference: Lighting Quality and Lighting Maintenance Solutions for the Entrepreneur

on Aug 24, 2012 in adec electrical, Latest News, Lighting Maintenance, Lighting Servces, Lighting Services Vancouver, Signs

In the previous post, we illuminated the connection between the failure to maintain quality lighting and workplace productivity. Here, we will propose solutions that will have you seeing the difference, with lighting quality and lighting maintenance solutions for the entrepreneur.

Lighting MaintenanceIt is one thing to know that the quality of lighting in your work environment needs to change. Finding the right solution, however, is another thing, altogether. For your convenience, and to enlighten you, we have compiled a list of things to consider when developing your workplace lighting plan:

Your workplace lighting plan should always…

Support the needs of the task at hand. Consider the type of work being performed. Working with files and paper documents is different from working on a computer and even more different from working face-to-face in teams. Each of these activities requires a specific lighting solution. A lighting professional will help you establish quantitative lighting criteria, which can be used to create an overall lighting plan.

Accommodate the needs of the individual. We all have a fundamental desire to control our surroundings, and having control over lighting conditions in our immediate work environment is no exception. This is achieved by using task lighting and lighting controls, such as dimmers, in and around workstations. Easy access will allow workers to adjust lighting to meet with individual preferences and needs.

Use natural light. Natural daylight reduces the demand on electric lighting systems, thereby reducing overall costs.

Be centralized. Centralized lighting systems allow entire building complexes to be controlled anywhere, any time. Centralized systems should make full use of natural daylight, occupancy sensors and lighting timers to reduce energy consumption and costs.

Be energy efficient. Concentrate lighting where it is needed most — close to the worker. Support worker performance and improve your bottom line by combining the use of energy-efficient sources and intelligent lighting controls with strategic placement of fixtures.

Consider lifecycle costs. It is not uncommon for lighting solutions with low initial costs to be the most expensive solutions to maintain. Carefully consider lifecycle costs, and establish a lighting budget that is directly proportionate to the total cost of your workspace/building.

Be cost effective and sustainable. Quality lighting solutions are solutions that are easy to maintain over time. Location, durability and serviceability—review each of these concepts with a lighting maintenance professional before making purchases or embarking on large-scale projects to overhaul existing systems.

Reinforce your business image. A well-designed lighting environment supports and projects a professional, positive image. Remember, your image is your brand.

Be re-evaluated from time to time. Revisit your lighting plan whenever a substantial or significant change occurs, such as remodeling projects or a change in work processes (i.e., paper-to-computer conversions).

Considering these tips and working closely with a lighting quality and lighting maintenance professional will help you see the difference—a difference in worker productivity, and, ultimately, a difference in your bottom line.

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