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Our Services

Our Services

  • Tough & Challenging Projects

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    Whether you are renovating an entire store in 24 hours, making a water treatment plant that can dropped into the middle of nowhere, prefabing crude oil distribution skids for overseas deployment or something that hasn’t been done before we are the only crew that has the perseverance and experience to get it done!

  • Controls and Automation
  • imageSimple or complex we can design and/or install any system that will make your process run smoother and more efficient.

    Even if you dont know how, chances are we can streamline your operation.

    If you’re one of the lucky few that are already streamlined then congratulations, we can service or modify your system to make sure youre always at 110%.

    The automation department is also in charge of our control panel manufacturing. Whether we engineer it or you just need a panel built, we have the facilities to serve your needs.

  • Mechanical & Equipment Wiring
  • imageWhether it is a new install or an existing system that needs troubleshooting. From chillers, cooling towers, boilers, diesel fueling systems, printing presses to MRI scanners, we have the experience to get these systems up and running so your business stays online and running.

  • Service and Maintenance
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    We only have the best trained sfaff to provide the results that you need for you business .
    We operate efficiently and diligently so you have one less thing to think about.

  • Distribution

  • This is where we make sure that distribution in your building imageisn’t going to let you down.

    We inspect, maintain and repair any weaknesses in your systems so that downtime isnt a word you ever need to use.

    A customized long-term plan is developed so cost effective service and maintenance is easy to budget for, as opposed to a needless replacement at the last minute.

  • Generators
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    Our business is Power

    Whether it’s a standby power system for a large data center to a backup generator powering the family home through an outage. We can design, size and install the power needs of consumers and businesses alike.

    From the smallest unit to large commercial generators, whether it is traditional diesel, natural gas or propane or even a Co-Gen we have the crew and expertise to install it, upgrade it or replace it.

  • Emergency Services

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    We have a fleet of vehicles equipped with the best trained staff to respond to any event at anytime just call 647-464-8178 to elevate your electrical issues.

  • Construction

  • Flexibility and perserverence has allowed us to complete all of our projects on time and on budget.

    From large industrial plants to small printing shops we have the expertise to get your business moving efficiently.

    Whether or not you know what you need we will work with you and give you a product that others will think you spent endless time planning and organizing.

  • Solar Installations
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    Energy consumption is an unavoidable issue today, one way to go green is to install solar panels at your home, farm or business. We can wire and install any solar installation project that you may have from residential micro-fit installations to agricultural to large commercial installations.

  • Energy Services (Upgrades & Retrofits)
  • Bottom line is very important in all businesses and at ADEC we feel that the environment is just as important.

    This is why we have extensive experience installing, designing and retrofitting buildings to maximize energy usage and minimize the impact of rising energy costs to your bottom line.