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Established 2005

Independently and locally owned and operated As a smaller electrical contractor we are able to be flexible and customize Van no numbers 2a solution that fits every customers needs and you get to know our staff who are familiar with your needs. As a full service electrical contractor we can complete projects with more than just electrical, we professionally manage multiple trades when required to provide professionally completed project which means no hassles for the customer which allows the customer to free up valuable resources to focus on other tasks.

Every project has challenges and we enjoy those challenges if you have an odd or interesting project we would love to work on it with you to successful completion, the tougher it is the better we do Even within the electrical trade we excel working on multi‐disciplinary projects due to our experience with controls, mechanical wiring, fire alarm, gas detection systems, interlock systems and of course commercial and industrial wiring.


Commercial wiring, Industrial wiring, Commercial and industrial IMAG0040generator installations, Cogen installations, fueling systems, fuel oil transportation, mechanical wiring, control wiring, equipment and machinery wiring, fire alarm wiring efficient and timely troubleshooting and repairs of any system


Safety is a huge is big around here, it is everywhere but if we can put a page on the site relating to safety it will help with the larger customers.

Safety is the highest priority at ADEC, no exceptions!

The inspiration for ADEC came from from Don Jacques and his ability to look outside the box. He loves a challenge and doesnt’t quit until he finds a solution.

light His drive to work on unusual and complicated projects has given him and the company an advantage and a unique set of skills and experience.

Here at ADEC, in addition to some of our more complicated installations, we also work in various industrial and commercial facilities providing a full service of electrical installations and maintenance to keep your business running at 110%.

We have gathered a team of professionals with varied talents and experience, put them along side each other to offer a diverse set of skills to tackle any challenge.

Very reliable and efficient, great to work with.

~ Geoff Pinch, Facilities Coordinator

It seems like they are able to find a solution to all of my problems!

~ Jessica Spall, Production Manager

It makes my life a lot easier. I can’t tell you how happy I am with ADEC Electrical Services. I would like to personally thank you for your outstanding services.

–Fran Phillips

ADEC Electrical Services is great. I don’t know what else to say. I will recommend you to my colleagues. Definitely worth the investment.

~ Fred Bailey