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Use of Induction Lighting in Residential Settings

Use of Induction Lighting in Residential Settings

on Mar 14, 2014 in Electrical Contractor, Electrical sevices, Induction Lighting, Latest News, Lighting Maintenance, Lighting Servces, Lighting Services Vancouver, Outdoor Lighting, Sign Maintenance, Sign Service, Signs

Use of Induction Lighting in Residential Settings


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Using Lighting Service Tips to Properly Identify Specific Types of Exit Signs Induction lighting is a newer method of lighting that several companies are switching to. However, just as many residential settings are finding these lights to be beneficial to their home as well. Though induction lighting is a newer method in which people are using, the technology itself is well over one hundred years old. The system was developed in the 1890’s, by Nikola Tesla who wanted something that was going to be a rival against lighting developed by Edison. Though this technology did not take off during this period, it has begun to make a huge comeback in the residential settings.

The Benefits of Using Induction Lighting in Residential Settings

There are several benefits in which a homeowner will find when it comes to using this type of lights in their home. These benefits include:

–         Lower maintenance

–         Energy cost is lower than traditional lights

–         Longer life

–         Brighter color

When looking at these benefits, it seems easy that someone could just claim these aspects. However, there have been many studies that prove that these types of lights do live up to their reputation.

The Results from Studies

When looking at the numerous studies that have been completed to justify these lights as a great lighting method for residential settings, there have been the following findings:

–         These lights can last around 100,000 hours, meaning that for the majority of residential settings, they can have these lights working for ten to fifteen years before any problems arise.

–         They are typically easy to install by a certified electrical contractor

–         The light does not produce any sound or blinking of color like so many other light bulbs on the market

–         The money saved can be huge considering how many of these are running throughout the year, though there are several people who save hundreds of dollars per year

Where to Use in Residential Settings

There are several suggestions for where a person can use this type light in their home. These include:

–         High vaulted ceilings which can decrease the amount of time the homeowner has to spend on changing out these dangerously high lights

–         In basements to provide more light that looks natural

–         Driveways of the home

–         Garages of the home

There are several other areas in which the person can use these lights, if they apply their imagination to this. These types of lights can be used in almost any situation in which a regular light fixture is installed. Electrical services Aurora, Ontario can help a person to plan their lighting blueprint and develop a plan as to where to place these.