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Use an Energy-Efficient Lighting Source and Lighting Service to Drive Home Profits

Use an Energy-Efficient Lighting Source and Lighting Service to Drive Home Profits

on Feb 18, 2014 in Home, Latest News

Use an Energy-Efficient Lighting Source and Lighting Service to Drive Home Profits

Energy-Efficient Lighting

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The term going green is an all-encompassing catch phrase that embodies many connotations, including increased awareness and environmental responsibility, reduced energy consumption and, ultimately, cost efficiency. For the contemporary business, the act of going and/or being green has ironically become the vehicle/path to and for sustained success.

Fords’ ‘Go Green’ initiative—a program whereby auto dealers must embody core energy-efficient principles and implement these practices to gain the privilege to sell a given electric vehicle—is yet another example of big business recognizing the benefits and value of working with lighting service and lighting maintenance professionals to achieve energy-efficiency goals. But you don’t have to be an auto dealership to experience the savings associated with professional lighting service, regular lighting maintenance and the use of LEDs. In fact, driving home profits has never been easier.

These practices are ideal for use by any entrepreneur or business owner, across industry lines. Therefore, your first stop on the road to ‘going green’ is to undergo a comprehensive energy assessment.

As you embark upon this journey, it is important to note that a certified lighting service professional is your go-to sustainability expert. Furthermore, a comprehensive energy assessment is an invaluable tool. Here’s why:

A comprehensive energy assessment conducted by a lighting service professional will drive home the fact that LED retrofits (i.e. LED replacements for traditional lighting sources, such as fluorescent, incandescent and halogen bulbs) provide tangible energy savings without the need for costly infrastructure changes. Furthermore, the age of the facility or type of existing fixtures is no longer a stumbling block or bar to achieving energy-efficient success.

Once the comprehensive assessment is complete, a lighting service professional is able to recommend which LED products to use, based on many elements, including LED thermal, optical and electrical characteristics. And once completed, LED retrofits demonstrate quantifiable savings in the way of reduced power consumption, material and labor costs for lighting replacement and even recycling costs. Add to these savings the potential for tax benefits and/or rebate incentives and the recovery of out-of-pocket costs for an LED retrofit fall steadily below a range of two to five years.

Are you and your business ready to go green? Drive your business into the green zone, reduce your carbon imprint and experience increased, sustainable profits over the long haul. Work with a certified lighting service professional to evaluate your existing lighting systems and building infrastructure, and get on the path to energy efficiency. Lastly, don’t let your hard-earned profits drive away. Be sure to observe a regular lighting maintenance schedule before reaching the point of burnout or the need for expensive lighting repairs.

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