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Illuminating the Way to Profit: Retail Lighting Installation Series Part II-B

Illuminating the Way to Profit: Retail Lighting Installation Series Part II-B

on Feb 4, 2014 in Electrical Contractor, Electrical sevices, Latest News, Lighting Maintenance, Lighting Servces, Lighting Services Vancouver, Outdoor Lighting, Sign Maintenance, Sign Service, Signs


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The study of consumer behaviour is a science all its own. What makes shoppers buy on the spur of the moment? Why do some colors work better than others do under a particular light? The road to increased sales, among other things, lies in the answers to these questions. Part B of the second installment of this lighting installation series will focus on the relationship between the interactive elements of color and light.

The Importance of Color

Since the early days of electric lighting, retailers and designers have long understood the connection between and the value of lighting and color. Color appearance plays a major role in retail merchandising in that it can set a mood and help customers evaluate products, or simply make a product appear irresistible. It should also be noted that color can and should be an integral part of your branding. Using the same color schemes inside the retail environment that are used in the company logo, on signs and in printed materials, will create a consistent and recognizable identity. All color schemes should be comfortable and inviting.

The Warm and Cool of Lighting

When choosing a lighting installation system, there are several things to consider, specifically the Color Rendering Index (CRI) and Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) of a lighting source. The CRI of a light is a measure of its ability to vividly display the colors of illuminated objects, a value between 1 (monochromatic light) and 100 (the sun). Ever wondered why some lighting causes colors to be flat or indistinguishable? Blame it on a lighting installation’s poor color-rendering index.

Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) is yet another factor that determines how brightly colors appear to the eye under a specific lamp. The concept is fairly simple in that warm colors are more vibrant under warm lighting and cool colors appear richer under ‘cooler’ lighting sources.

In order for merchandise to look its best, the lighting and lighting installation source must have the best of both worlds: The ability to render colors as they truly are to the human eye, as brightly as possible. Unfortunately, CRI and CCT problems exist with both incandescent and halogen lighting sources.

LED Lighting Enhances Color

Up until several years ago, LEDs were mostly available in very cool temperatures. But today, technology has advanced, and now, LEDs are available across the color spectrum. This means that an LED light is literally ‘light years’ ahead of the competition when it comes to light output, color consistency and uniformity—all of which are top priority for in-store illumination.

The bottom line is that research confirms retail merchandising common sense. Products that appear shiny draw attention to themselves, which directly influences impulse buys. So, what are you waiting for? Boost your sales with high-quality LED lighting, to show your retail products in their best light!

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