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Illuminating the Way to Profit: Retail Lighting Installation Series Part I

Illuminating the Way to Profit: Retail Lighting Installation Series Part I

on Jan 28, 2014 in Electrical Contractor, Electrical sevices, Latest News, Lighting Maintenance, Lighting Servces, Lighting Services Vancouver, Outdoor Lighting, Sign Maintenance, Sign Service, Signs

imageHappy customers are the “guiding light,” a principle upon which all successful retail transactions are based. Whethera store is marketing food, clothing furniture or cars, a retailer’s presentation of merchandise and a customer’s access to the same is essential. However, balancing this equation can be a challenge. This multipart series will focus on how you can illuminate and boost your profits with some of our best tips on retail lighting installation, quality and quantity.

Basic Function:

Starting with a retail establishment’s exterior, storefront lighting must be inviting and in sufficient amounts to enable customers to read signage. Once inside, the quantity and quality of lighting must also enable customers to read price tags, signs and labels, and move freely throughout the retail space. Through our decades of experience, much of which includes designing and installing a variety of retail, industrial and commercial lighting installation, here’s what we know to be true:

•High-quality lighting installation renders colors more vividly. This is crucial for the surfaces of fabrics, fixtures and furniture, as well as for food, jewelry, clothing, miscellaneous merchandise… and people.

•High-quality lighting installation makes customers feel more comfortable. When a retail space makes customers feel comfortable, they tend to stay longer, shop more… and spend more money.

•High-quality lighting installation enhances the desired flow of traffic through a retail space, directingcustomers to the intended point of sale.

Effect on Buying Decisions:

Consumer behaviour takes into consideration the many reasons (e.g., personal, situational, psychological, and social) why people make buying decisions, and in optimal situations become loyal customers. By using visual merchandising, successful retailers capitalize on customer buying decisions from all angles: Store layout and design, colour schemes, lighting, height of shelving and fixtures, and even store cleanliness. Visual merchandising might also include the incorporation of sounds and smells.

To make the most of high-quality lighting, 1-888-burnt-out? recommends using a three-part strategy. Start by asking yourself the following questions. Is my merchandise both Attractive and Accessible? And, does my merchandise make use of Interactive Elements that influence consumer buying behaviour? Lighting installation will play a part in all three. For example, it is not enough for a clothing store to have an attractive and well-lit display of the newest designer jeans. Why? Although an enticing display is important, the clothier is unique in that it must go a step further. Dressing rooms must also have high-quality lighting installation so customers can see how they look before making the purchase.

1-888-burnt-out? lighting installation professionals can help you design a retail lighting scheme to help boost your sales. Stay tuned for volume two of this enlightening series. There, we will discuss the interactive elements that influence buying decisions in greater detail.

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