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Switching to LED Signs for Business

Switching to LED Signs for Business

on Jan 23, 2014 in adec electrical, Electrical Contractor, Electrical sevices, Latest News, Lighting Maintenance, Lighting Servces, Lighting Services Vancouver, Outdoor Lighting, Sign Maintenance, Sign Service, Signs

Switching to LED Signs for Business


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The use of lighted signs is becoming more popular with businesses throughout the country. This field was once dominated by neon signs that could be seen by drivers or pedestrians for miles around, yet, the use of the neon sign is slowly fading. Instead, businesses are opting to use LED signs as an alternative to the neon glow. For any business that is looking at whether this is the best option for their business or not, they should realize the benefits of LED signs when compared to neon signs.

One of the first benefits in which a business will find from the start is the cost factor. Neon lights are custom made for a sign and it could take weeks for a business to receive the sign they have in mind. LED signs are going to allow the business to receive these almost immediately. Due to the LED signs taking less time to manufacturer, they inevitably cost much less than the neon sign.

 The use of a sign utilizing LED lights is going to be less expensive in the end as well. Most manufacturers of these types of lighted signs include a longer manufacturer warranty than the neon signs, simply because the LED’s will last longer and be less trouble to fix. When considering the breakdown of the cost to operate these two signs, the LED sign is going to cost on average .15 cents per day,  while the neon sign will cost .20 cents per day when ran for twenty-four hours per day throughout the year. Average savings from switching to a LED light can be approximately twenty dollars per year. Though this may not sound like much of a savings over a ten-year period, the average life of these types of lights, it is a significant savings.

The last benefit of switching to the LED signs is the ability to use LED signs in colder conditions. When cold temperatures arise, many neon signs will burn out quickly or simply not work due to the weather. The LED sign will work no matter what temperature the environment is. For those who are running a business then can make their day just a bit easier since it means no hassling with a light that may or may not work.

Should a business switch to the use of LED signs? The business will have to answer this question based on their personal preferences.  However, with the cost of LED signs being less than neon, it is the smarter move to make.