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Neon Signs:  Sign Maintenance Considerations

Neon Signs: Sign Maintenance Considerations

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Neon business signs have been lighting the way for consumers for more than a century. From the simplest door sign that reads “open” to the complex neon sign on a billboard marquee, neon signs help business owners project and maintain a polished brand image.

Enlightening History The first experiments with lighted glass tubes took place as far back as the 17th century. But it wasn’t until 1898 that Sir William Ramsaywould discover neon and a series of other noble gasses. AlthoughRamsay would go on to win the 1904 Nobel Prize for Chemistry, initial attempts to market the new lighting source in the residential sector failed. Laboratory to the Storefront By 1910, French engineer Gorges Claude had perfected the neon lamp. And in 1912, Claude’s business partner sold the first neon business sign to a barber shop in Paris. Neon, aka neos or Greek for ‘new one’, was now on the advertising scene—and it was here to stay for more than a century. Function A popular choice for retail storefronts, restaurants and a variety of businesses globally, neon signs communicate business information with style… and urgency. Passers-by use neon sign messages to make decisions. For example, hotels use neon signs to lure travelers simply by flashing the word “vacancy.” On the Inside Designers, lighting installation and sign maintenance professionals have led and assisted the resurgence of neon signs since the late 1990s. Since that time, the process of using different gas mixtures to expand the spectrum of signage colors has advanced. Today’s “neon” sign may contain a mixture of gases, including carbon dioxide, argon and helium, depending on the desired coloring. Newer LED (light emitting diode) and fiber-optic technologies now allow for more efficient business signage, often shaped into familiar, neon-like forms. Sign Maintenance Considerations Apart from sending a message, business signs are a part of the overall storefront aesthetic. And, one of the things every sign maintenance company will tell you is that your business sign is the gateway to customer first impressions: Your Image is Your Brand! Before even setting foot inside your door, customers make upfront decisions (right or wrong) about your business in a few short seconds A colorful neon sign in friendly bubble letters conveys a message that your business values a creative and relaxed atmosphere, but this same sign with missing or burnout letters projects an immediate sense of negativity. For this reason, a well-maintained business sign is an integral part of business profitability. 1-888-burnt-out? sign maintenance professionals can help you maintain  all your business signs. Make regular, professional sign maintenance a business priority.

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