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How To Select The Right Outdoor Lighting For Your Property

How To Select The Right Outdoor Lighting For Your Property

on Dec 31, 2013 in Electrical Contractor, Electrical sevices, Florescent Lighting, Home Lighing Repair, Home Lighting, Induction Lighting, Lighting Servces, Lighting Services Vancouver, Outdoor Lighting, Parking Lot Lighting, Sign Maintenance, Sign Service, Signs

How To Select The Right Outdoor Lighting For Your Property

How To Select The Right Outdoor Lighting For Your Property

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How To Select The Right Outdoor Lighting For Your PropertyOutdoor lighting is an essential component of the overall lighting plan of any property. Not only is it important for maintaining a level of safety in the outdoor areas, but also for making your property, stand out at night. Even an average looking building can be transformed into a stunning piece of architecture just by installing the right type of outdoor lights.

However, with a plethora of outdoor lighting types, qualities, designs, sizes, colors and shapes available in the market, choosing the appropriate type of outdoor lights for your property might be a bit complicated. While personal choice and preference should obviously be taken into account, there are certain questions, which you should ask yourself before selecting an outdoor light for your building. The most important of them are:

  1. 1.    Does It Meet The Objective?

The first question you should ask yourself is that would this particular type of light fulfill the purpose why you need outdoor lighting? There are various purposes of outdoor lights such as security, beautification etc. Some lighting fixtures fulfill both needs while others may fulfill just one of the two. So whatever you choose, you should be clear about the objectives and make sure the chosen fixture meets those objectives.

  1. 2.    Is It Affordable?

Secondly, you should look into your budget and ask yourself whether that particular fixture fits into the budget you set for the outdoor lighting. You will find a wide range of prices, depending on the design, size, type, quality and brand of the light. Try to buy good quality fixtures even if they are a bit pricey. While low priced fixtures may look tempting at first, remember that their quality will not be as good and you will have to spend more money on the replacement and maintenance.

The answer to these two questions will not only significantly narrow down the options, but will also lead you to a path towards selecting the best outdoor lighting for your property. A word of advice is that whatever you choose, try using lighting controls like vacancy sensors, occupancy sensors, motion sensors, sunset switches and dimmers. These accessories will take the efficiency of your outdoor lighting, to the next level.