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Outdoor Lighting Ideas For Christmas

Outdoor Lighting Ideas For Christmas

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Outdoor Lighting Ideas For Christmas

Outdoor Lighting Ideas for Christmas

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Christmas comes with a lot of excitement, colors and lights. Light your house this Christmas keeping in mind the idea of energy conservation. Here are some outdoor lighting tips which are energy efficient and beautiful at the same time:

Use LED Lights:

In Outdoor Lighting, C9 Christmas lights are in fashio n for roofs along with a bulb with white light, which is big enough to be fully seen from distance. The C9 Christmas lights are bigger in size as compared to ordinary lights, and makes your house impactful enough to draw people’s attention. Also add some lighting on ground, for instance you can light the walkways or trees etc. This gives the Christmas house a complete look from roof to ground. You can personalize the theme according to your own taste, and try unique ideas of outdoor lighting to make your house more prominent and attractive. Make sure to add at least one warm or cool white LED light to give a soft white and glowing effect.

Use Candy Cane Lights:

This Christmas, get more creative and think of some unique ideas of lighting the roof. You can use red and cool white LED light bulbs along with some clear red incandescent lights to light the roof. You can also install C9 bulbs on the roof in an alternating pattern using the stakes to tie the lights with ground, giving a hanging look. Repeat the similar pattern on yard, porch railings and other parts of the house including trees and bushes etc.

Use Red And Green Theme:

You can also use the combination of red and green for decoration inside and outside the house. Make the outline of roof using red and green color C9 bulb lights alternatively. This theme is the traditional one as well as very attractive and will look unique as well since people mostly don’t use these colors for outdoor lighting. You can also add a white bulb randomly to make it more eye capturing.

Add More Colors:

You may also like to make the roof outline more bright and colorful by adding multicolor lights or solid C9 lights to make the impact more stunning and captivating. You can make it unique by installing bulbs in patterns of single, double, or triple color sequence.