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Switching Over From T8 Fluorescent Tubes To LED Fluorescent Tubes

Switching Over From T8 Fluorescent Tubes To LED Fluorescent Tubes

on Nov 25, 2013 in Electrical Contractor, Electrical sevices, Florescent Lighting, Home Lighing Repair, Home Lighting, Induction Lighting, Latest News, Lighting Maintenance, Lighting Servces, Lighting Services Vancouver, Outdoor Lighting, Parking Lot Lighting, Sign Maintenance, Sign Service, Signs

Switching Over From T8 Fluorescent Tubes To LED Fluorescent Tubes

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Switching Over From T8 Fluorescent Tubes To LED Fluorescent Tubes 

Since many years, T8 fluorescent tubes have been a premier choice of domestic as well as commercial users. But thanks to the boom of LED lights in the global lighting market, we now have a potential substitute of these conventional tubes in the form of LED fluorescent tubes.

The name ‘LED fluorescent tubes’ does create confusion about the material and technology being used in these lights, when in fact, there is essentially no similarity between LED tubes and fluorescent tubes. This misnomer has actually been formed only because the LED florescent tubes jog our memory about the traditional fluorescent tubes.

Why Switch Over To LED Fluorescent Tubes?

Light emitting diode (LED) lights, with their promises of being more cost effective, energy efficient and environmental friendly than the conventional lighting technologies, are in fashion now a days. Nonetheless, ever since LED fluorescent tubes came in the market, the debate over LED fluorescent tubes beings worth replacing the T8 fluorescent tubes is still going on. Let’s look at a few important points of comparison to clear our minds about which technology is better.

Capital Cost:

On average, the price of a 30 watt T8 Fluorescent tube is around $3. Well-comparable lighting output can be produced by a 20 watt LED Fluorescent tube but the purchasing price in this case is nearly $58.

Lighting Maintenance Cost:

Carefully calculated annual lighting maintenance cost for one 20 watt LED fluorescent tube is only $15. In case of conventional T8 Fluorescent tubes, this cost can go as high as $50 per tube per year. This means that by replacing one

T8 Fluorescent tube with an LED counterpart, we can easily save $35 in our lighting maintenance bill, per year.

Electricity Cost:

LED fluorescent tubes are way more attractive in terms of electricity costs as well. One LED tube incurs an annual electricity cost of just $25. On the other hand, T8 fluorescent tubes are relatively inefficient with an estimated electricity cost of $40 per tube per annum.


The comparison suggests that switching over to LED fluorescent tubes from the conventional fluorescent tubes is totally worth it. Although these LED tubes have higher capital costs, the long terms benefits like very low lighting maintenance cost and electricity cost make them much more attractive and cost effective for use in domestic as well as commercial establishments.