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Nursery Lighting: What Should Be Kept In Mind

Nursery Lighting: What Should Be Kept In Mind

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Nursery Lighting: What Should Be Kept In Mind?

Designing nursery for your baby can be quiet a challenging task. Babies are sensitive and therefore everything in their abode should be soft, relaxing and gentle. While there are many important things to consider while designing a nursery, proper lighting installation is something which needs to be given prime attention.

Nursery Lighting What Should Be Kept In Mind

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Nursery lighting is a normally bit different and com 5 Things you should work out with your home lighting services provider plicated than the rest of the lighting because of the unique nature of requirements. There will be times when you will want the room to be fully illuminated. At some other times, for example when you will need to change the baby’s diaper without totally waking him up, you will need a light bright enough for you to do the task properly and dull enough for the baby to remain sleepy.  In this context, experts give the following suggestions for successfully planning nursery lighting installation:

Try Layered Lighting:

Experts recommend creating layers of lighting in nursery for fulfilling different lighting needs. For example, when the baby is asleep, there is no need for ceiling light; Just switch on the shaded bedside lamps. Meanwhile, if you need to change baby’s diaper or feed him, properly placed accent lights or task lights can help you getting just enough light to complete the task.

Avoid Direct Ceiling Lights:

Babies often lie straight with their eyes focusing on the ceiling. Bright lights on the ceiling, if present, will shine down into their eyes causing discomfort and damage. This should be avoided as much as possible through the use of covers, shades, chandeliers or staged ceiling.

Use Dimmers:

Whether you are using ceiling lights, accent lights, task lights or any other type of lights, installing dimmer switches in the nursery is always a good idea. On one hand, these switches allow you to change the mood of the room by dimming the lights. On the other hand, your baby will feel safe and relaxed while sleeping in dimmed ambient light

Baby’s comfort and your convenience depends a great deal on the design and type of lighting in the nursery. So whether you are renovating an already furnished nursery or planning to design one for a new comer, make sure you do not ignore the lighting installation!