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Light Up Your Halloween This Year!

Light Up Your Halloween This Year!

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Light Up Your Halloween This Year!

Light Up Your Halloween This Year!

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Creating a Halloween haunt essentially means throwing a party with creepy lighting, decorations, special effects, costumes and performances. It does not matter if your party is planned to be indoors or outdoors, proper Halloween lighting installation will certainly enhance the atmosphere and ambience of the event.

Let’s look at a few lighting types which can help you make your Halloween party even more exciting:

Black lights:

Black lights have the quality of transforming a dark and dull environment into a creepy one. This is why black lighting installation is a must-do in your Halloween party decoration.

In case of outdoor arrangements, the best effect is produced when the garden lights, porch lights and yard lamp post lights are replaced with black lights. Prepare a graveyard scene and coat a layer of glow paint over the tombstones. The black lights will make the tombstone glow making it ever more eerie. Also, do not forget to randomly hang skeletons made up of Styrofoam or Plastic in the garden because Plastic and Styrofoam also glows when black light falls on them.

However if you are throwing an indoor Halloween party, black lights are still as much significant as they are outdoors. All you have to do is decorating the party area with fluorescent and glow-in-the-dark stuff. The easiest option is to paint the normal stuff including scary face masks, with glow paints and replace the indoor lights with black lights. As soon as you turn on the black lights, you will see your guests screaming at the sight of creepy glowing stuff around them.

String Lights:

You can find many types of string lights which are especially designed for Halloween. These maybe in the form of pumpkins, ghosts, spiders and many other spooky creatures or things. These are very easy to use and you just have to hang them at an appropriate place. Imagine the chills your guests are going to get with a Halloween spider hanging at the party area entrance!

Spot Lights:

Highlight your Halloween attractions with spotlights. These may include any creepy decorations, a vampire coming out of the grave or a zombie walking through your garden. Whatever you have, make sure it gets the spotlight!

Strobe Lights:

Visualize yourself walking through the graveyard in a foggy atmosphere! Pretty eerie right? Strobe lights focused up or down into the fog produced by a fog machine creates the same spooky effect in the graveyard setup of an outdoor Halloween party.

There is no denying to the fact that proper lighting installation is crucial for Halloween haunting. If attentively done, it can make the scene but if it is ignored during Halloween preparations, it can spoil the fun!