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Emergency Lights: The Life Saviors

Emergency Lights: The Life Saviors

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Emergency Lights: The Life Saviors!

Emergency Lights: The Life Saviors

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Emergency lights are designed to provide safe illumination levels and safe exit route to the building occupants, in case of power breakdown. Emergency lighting installation is mandatory in all public buildings in British Columbia and are not only required indoors, but also in the exterior parkways and public venues.

Most commonly, these lights are powered by back-up generators or batteries and are installed close to the safety equipment like fire extinguishers to help both building occupants and emergency rescuers. Emergency lights are broadly classified as maintained or non-maintained. Maintained lights are those which during normal times are illuminated by main electricity supply and in case of a power breakdown, they keep providing the light by taking power from battery. Non-maintained emergency lights, however, only get switched on when main electricity supply is stopped i.e. in case of emergency.

Depending on the type of building, nature of potential hazards and ambient factors, emergency lighting installation requirement may vary from building to building. To cater of the needs of different buildings, there is a wide range of emergency lights available in the market today, some of which are:

1. Regular Emergency Lights:

Regular emergency lights are the most common type and we see them installed in general-use areas of office buildings, general stores, condo complexes and apartments. These lights are made up of thermoplastic and are not capable of operating under harsh weather conditions or presence of hazardous materials.

2. Damage-Resistant Emergency Lights:

Damage-resistant emergency lights are also called industrial grade emergency lights because these are made up of high class and durable materials to bear all types of vandalism and natural damage. These lights fit perfectly in the areas like public parks, warehouses, sports complexes etc.

3. Weather-resistant Emergency Lights:

These lights are usually covered with fiberglass and are designed to operate under wet, humid and extreme weather. Such lights are perfect for places like swimming pools, greenhouses, parkways and other outdoor public areas.

4. Hazard-Resistant Emergency Lights:

Industrial setups often involve fire or explosion hazards. Hazard-resistant emergency lights are suitable for places where there is a risk of inflammable vapors and air-borne debris penetration inside the light casing. These are commonly made up of steel due to its ability to withstand external damage.

So, whether you are opening a new business or remodeling an already established one, emergency lighting installation is something which you have to consider!

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