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The Origin Of Digital Signage Technology

The Origin Of Digital Signage Technology

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The Origin Of Digital Signage Technology

The Origin Of Digital Signage Technology

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Digital signage is a new avenue in the field of advertisements. It allows the business to broadcast the commercials, information or anything else on electronic screens, mainly LED or LCD monitors. The content is first uploaded and edited through computer softwares and the ready-to-go version is then broadcasted on the electronic screens.

Reasons Behind The Popularity Of Digital Signage:

Ever since its introduction in the market, the popularity of digital signage has been rising rapidly among all type of businesses, including resorts, shopping malls, fashion houses and post offices. This is because of the unparalleled benefits it offers as compared to other types of signs.

In comparison with other print advertisement mediums and billboards, digital signage offers three major advantages:

  • It eliminates the need of printing the content and hence saves the printing costs.
  • The digital monitors have the ability to connect with World Wide Web and hence the social media updates including those from twitter, face book and google plus, news feeds, videos, blog posts, weather updates and many other things available on the web can be directly shown on the screens.
  • The ability to show the updates and interesting content through internet, bright colours and high definition screens comparatively captures the customers’ attention more easily than the other advertisement mediums.

History of Digital Signage:

The history of digital signage dates back to 1970s when the media stores having televisions and VCRs started using them as a means of attracting customers. However, at that time, the digital signs were broadcasted through a closed circuit and everything which was to be broadcasted needed to be pre-recorded.

Then gradually as the technology progressed, the digital signs broadcasting elevated quality content and supported by broadband internet came into market and their customer-ship increased from media stores to other types of businesses. An important factor contributing to increased usage of digital signage was the worldwide decrease in the prices of electronic screens. Due to reduction in prices of LCD and plasma screens, business like hotels, night clubs, shopping malls, cinemas started replacing their conventional signage with digital signage and this is why now a days, we see these signs everywhere around Aurora, Ontario.

In short, we can say that since its introduction in 1970s, digital signage technology has made remarkable advancement and its large market share has pushed all other types of signage technologies, to the background!