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Recessed Lighting: An Upgrade for Any Home

Recessed Lighting: An Upgrade for Any Home

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Recessed Lighting: An Upgrade for Any Home


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There are several residential lighting upgrades that a person may want to consider as they are looking at what types of home improvements they could possibly accomplish. However, whenever performing any type of lighting upgrade to a home it is best to use a professional such as electrician Aurora, Ontario who has the necessary knowledge of lighting installation. With this being said, one of the main ways that people are sprucing up their homes with lights is to add recessed lighting into their homes.

The Basics of Recessed Lighting

With recessed lighting there are a few tips in which a person will want to keep in mind when having this installed. An electrical contractor will know these specifications and will often recommend this to their clients. For one, if the recessed lighting is the only source of light for a room, it is important that there is a light for every twenty-five square feet of space within the room. This is going to allow for ample lighting and allow the room to be comfortable for the entire family. Secondly, if a person is concerned with the amount of light they are going to receive from these types of installations, it is best to use a floodlight reflector bulb that is going to put out even more light.

Why Hire a Professional

When most people think of lighting projects within the home, they may believe that this is something in which they can do on their own. However, the truth of the matter when it comes to recessed lighting is that this can be quite tricky to accomplish. Any contractor providing electrical services will first have to cut a hole into the ceiling. There are two possible ways in which the rest of the install can go. For one, the hole in the ceiling could be close enough to an electrical box to route the light through. However, in the majority of cases, this is not the circumstances. Instead, the contractor will have to rewire the light to fit into the closest electrical box or have to install another electrical box to allow this to be safe. For all intents and purposes, to ensure the safety of the home and to prevent any type of electrical fire from occurring, a professional is the only route to go.

The use of recessed lighting is becoming more popular in homes they are being built. However, for homes that are already standing, this can be a great way to spruce up the home and add a few modern touches that are affordable.