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Sign Maintenance: Electronic Billboards

Sign Maintenance: Electronic Billboards

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Sign Maintenance: Electronic Billboards


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Recessed Lighting an Upgrade for any Home Sign Maintenance Electrical Billboards Many businesses are considering the world of billboards as a great mean to advertising to the general public. Coupled with the new technology that has hit the market, billboard signs are becoming something of a must have for every business out there. However, most businesses have many questions when it comes to the use of billboards, with the main concern being towards the maintenance of the billboard signs.

Technology with Billboard Signs

It was once thought that billboards were becoming obsolete in the new marketing world. However, since these signs have been updated allowing for electronic messages that can be changed with a computer in a remote location, it is becoming increasingly popular for businesses to utilize these. In order to understand the maintenance of such a sign, it is imperative a person realize the technology. The average billboard signs will have various sizes, yet most people are looking for those roadside signs that are going to be around 200 meters squared. Within each small square of space on this sign, there are LED lamps, wiring and electronics that are encased by steel to prevent any moisture from getting into these billboards. It is relatively easy for a roadside billboard sign to weigh over one thousand pounds with all the electronic components that are installed.

The Maintenance

Sign maintenance should only be completed by an electrical contractor who has knowledge in the technology that is being used in these billboard signs. Electrical services Aurora, Ontario can provide the needed expertise in order to ensure the billboard is running properly. The good news is that LED lights tend to run longer without needing any sort of maintenance. For the most part, those with these types of billboard signs find they may only have software issues for the first five years in which these signs are being used. After this time period, the usual maintenance involves switching to new LED bulbs and ensuring all the wiring is intact. It will require that an electrical contractor climb up to the sign in order to check each individual wire within the sign, that can take hours upon days to complete.

Are These Signs Worth It?

These signs are definitely worth looking into for any business that wants to stay on the leading edge of their marketing campaign. Most of those who drive past these signs are going to look to see the message, since they can be changed. It makes a drive that may be mundane turn into something that is fun for a driver. Due to the number of people who may watch the sign, it can lead to increased exposure for the busin