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Spotlights VS Floodlights

Spotlights VS Floodlights

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Spotlights VS Floodlights

Spotlights VS Floodlights

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Most commonly, people misunderstand the difference between spot lights and floodlights. While both spot lights and floodlights are being extensively used in indoor and outdoor lighting, there is a world of difference between their characteristics, uses and benefits.

What Is The Difference?

The basic difference between a spotlight and floodlight is the beam width. A spotlight usually casts narrow light beam. The projected beam angle is 45 degrees and the length of beam does not exceed 2 feet. On the other hand, a floodlight casts a light beam with a projected angle of 120 degrees and with length of beam exceeding 4 feet. This means that the spotlights produce more concentrated light which is easier to control and point and the floodlights illuminate larger areas with more or less the same electricity input as required for spotlights.

Because the light beam produced by spotlights is more concentrated, controllable and focused, these lights are recommended for use in areas where specific details or points need to be highlighted. For example, spotlights can be very effective for highlighting wall artwork, landscape features or architectural details. This is why many art galleries, showrooms and even homes prefer spotlights for illumination. Spotlights are equally attractive for both indoor and outdoor lighting and there are especially designed spotlights available for outdoor use, which can withstand wetness unlike the regular spotlights.

However, bigger areas do not require focused and concentrated lights. Areas like parking lots, playgrounds, warehouses and parks require broad and evenly distributed light projected over the entire space. These are the areas where floodlights can be used most effectively. Floodlights, because of their wide and long light beam, can illuminate large areas with evenly distributed light. Like spotlights, especially designed water proof floodlights are also available for outdoor uses.

Preferred Light Bulb For Spotlights And Floodlights:

While both spotlights and floodlights have their own plus points, the key to effective lighting lies in using the right fixture with the right light bulb at the right place. Lighting experts recommend compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulb for use in both spotlighting and floodlighting, although many other types of light bulbs can also be used. The reasons for preferring compact fluorescent light are its reliability and low electricity consumption. However, for getting the best results, it should be kept In mind that if the spotlight or flood light is going to be used outdoors, compact fluorescent light intended exclusively for outdoor lighting should be used and vice versa.