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LED Retrofits For Industries

LED Retrofits For Industries

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LED Retrofits For Industries

LED for Industries

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With the advancement in technologies, industrial sector is now looking up to LED retrofits for getting a relief from high capital and maintenance cost of lighting system. LED lights are widely recognized now a days for their feasibility for use in diverse range of industrial environments. The viability of LED retrofits for industrial setups is assessed on the basis of three factors which are critical for successful industrial operations: safety, reliability and cost savings.

Safety: LED lights are known as the safest lighting option for industries.  LEDs offer negligible heat signature which means that the temperature of bulbs do not pose any threat to the industrial safety. In addition, their low voltage operations make them ideal for vulnerable industrial setups.

Reliability: An LED bulb gives full light for 50,000 hours. So in comparison with the ordinary incandescent light which gives only 2,000 hours run-time, LEDs are obviously more reliable for use in the industrial setup where the lighting demand is very high and appropriate lighting is inevitable for ensuring process and workers safety during the working hours.

Cost Savings: An industrial setup is undoubtedly very expensive to maintain and it is an established fact that lighting accounts for a good percentage of industrial energy costs. With an increased lighting time of 48,000 hours, LED lights reduce the cycles of replacement and hence the hassle and expenses which otherwise incur after every 2,000 hours in the case of incandescent lights.

According to careful estimates, LED retrofits can cut 50 – 80 % of the industrial lighting costs. Therefore, if industrial plants get the option of reducing more than half of their lighting costs, it is worth giving a thought!