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Outdoor Lighting for Restaurant Patios – Summer Series

Outdoor Lighting for Restaurant Patios – Summer Series

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 Outdoor Lighting for Restaurant Patios

There are several restaurants in the Aurora, Ontario who offer an outdoor setting for those wishing to dine outdoors. Those who are considering this opportunity will find it can increase their business as people love to do this on a warm night. However, it does mean that there is an outdoor lighting plan that needs to be designed, and this will require the services of a professional who deals with electrical services Aurora, Ontario.

Fixtures for Outdoor Lighting

The good news is that the restaurant can carry over their indoor fixtures to outdoors in many cases. However, this may not be what the restaurant wants to do. They may want to design something that is completely unique to the outdoor environment in order to make this area even more special for those who eat here. A great outdoor is to use those fixtures that are equipped with LED lights in order to create an ambiance that also has enough light for the person to see while ordering.

Table Lighting

It is a good idea to add a little light to the outdoor table to not only set the mood for couples who may be dining here, but to also provide a little intimate light for people to talk over. One of the newest trends with this is using LED tea lights at the table. They provide a small amount of light, yet they are more than able to set the mood the restaurant may be going for. Another idea is to suspend chandeliers from the patio ceiling, if this is an option the restaurant has. This is great for larger tables.

Design Tips to Keep in Mind

While you are ready to expand your outdoor lighting on your patio, you need to consider the mood you are trying to create. You need to take into consideration the vegetation and the layout of the patio as well. Other elements that need to be considered are the tables you are using, the size of these tables and the location. You will want the area to be bright enough to allow people to see the menu, yet not so bright that it does not have a different type of feel to it than the main eating area.

For those looking into this option, they are going to find there is more than one element they can incorporate to make their outdoor

lighting plan their own. With all there is to utilize, a restaurant can make their patio area the best a person has ever seen.

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