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Lowering the Cost of Energy – Home Lighting

Lowering the Cost of Energy – Home Lighting

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Lowering the Cost of Energy – Home Lighting


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Statistically, those who have a home in the area are going to find that their lights account for around twenty percent of their entire electricity bill. For residential homes, this can mean paying hundreds more per year as many areas are upgrading their grid, causing the cost of electricity to soar. This is the case with the Aurora, Ontario and British Columbia area. The good news is that there are several ways in which a person can save on their energy costs through carefully selecting the light bulb being used in the home.

Type of Bulb to Use

The hype of compact fluorescent lights has been heard for many years, yet these CFL’s have been shown to greatly impact the price of electricity. For those who are ready to perform some lighting maintenance, then it may be time to switch all the bulbs in the home to CFL’s. Price wise, studies have shown that the use of CFL bulbs in the home can save up to 75% on the total electric bill. In addition, a CFL bulb will last ten times longer than the traditional bulb most people use.

Other Options

For those who are not ready to make the switch to a CFL bulb, they will find they can reduce their electric bill through using a lower wattage regular bulb. Keep in mind, the savings is not going to be as much as if the person was to switch to CFL’s, yet it can still save a small amount. Electrical services Aurora, Ontario are professionals who recommend the use of CFL bulbs, simply because they do last longer and have shown to reduce the electric bill by a significant amount.

Practical Changes to Make

Though lighting maintenance is important in the field of electricity, there are several things in which a home can do in order to save money on their monthly energy bills. For one, only have lights turned on when there is a need for this, such as when someone is in the room. Through only using the light when needed, the homeowner can cut down on the amount of energy they are using.

When combining these practical changes in a home with the idea of using more energy efficient light bulbs, a person will see a huge difference in their energy bills. With the savings, the person can focus on other important areas of their home which may need attention. Keep in mind that for other more serious changes to the lighting system in your home, it is best to work with a professional to ensure this is low cost and installed properly.