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Parking Lot Lighting: What a Business Should Know

Parking Lot Lighting: What a Business Should Know

on Feb 26, 2013 in adec electrical, Electrical Contractor, Electrical sevices, Latest News, Lighting Maintenance, Lighting Servces, Lighting Services Vancouver, Outdoor Lighting, Sign Service, Signs

Parking Lot Lighting: What a Business Should Know


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Parking Lot Lighting what a business should knowThe lighting maintenance within a store and their parking area is significantly important to the business and their customers. Patrons are going to feel more comfortable with areas that are well lit and will feel safer in parking lots and are better able to see products within a store. There are several routes a business can take with their lighting; the recent outdoor lighting trend is the use of induction lighting. These types of lights are superior in areas in which typical lights seem to fail. For businesses, this can be great for warehouse types of establishments, as well as parking lots.

Dangers of a Parking Lot with No Lighting

When considering lighting areas such as parking lots it is vital to the image of the company to ensure these lighting fixtures have a high amount of light output. With this being said, there are some dangers in which a parking lot poses to consumers and employees when it is not lit properly:

–         Increased risk of theft

–         Less consumers to the business

–         Employees may not feel comfortable leaving the building or coming in

When any of these issues arise, it is up to the business to make changes, which will benefit both their employees and their consumers.

Induction Lighting within Parking Areas

The use of induction lighting is the best choice when considering the parking lot lighting situation a business may have. These types of lights are going to start up in any temperature, and provide a high output of light with the business able to choose just how bright they desire the light to be. Despite the high output of light, these types of lights are significantly lower to operate for a business. In addition, these types of lights can be configured by an electrician to be displayed in just about any type of lighting fixture the business chooses. This option simply gives the business more choice and better light for their parking lot.

Attracting customers to a business is more than simply advertising what you offer and the deals being offered. A customer will look into the parking lot of a business and decide immediately whether this type of business is one, in which they would consider shopping at. If the parking lot is not lit well, customers will drive away. The business who takes the time to ensure well lit parking lots are arranged will show they do care for their customers, through allowing all safety precautions to be taken.