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5 Basic Criteria for Evaluating Parking Lot Lighting Systems

5 Basic Criteria for Evaluating Parking Lot Lighting Systems

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5 Basic Criteria for Evaluating Parking Lot Lighting SystemsOnce believed to function only as an architectural enhancement to a building’s exterior, adequate parking lot lighting—or lack thereof—is a core part of business sustainability. In recent times, the inadequacy of exterior lighting has been the basis of many lawsuits alleging negligence on behalf of a facility owner. Furthermore, roughly 80% of reported criminal acts at shopping centers, strip malls and business offices occur in poorly lit parking lots. Are you in the dark?


Although the design of a parking lot lighting system is a highly technical procedure, there are five basic things to consider. Start by asking the following questions:


Parking Lot Lighting Intensity: How bright are the lights?


Parking Lot Lighting Uniformity: How consistent is the light level throughout the lot


Parking Lot Lighting Color: How accurately does the current lighting system render colors


Parking Lot Lighting Efficiency: How much light does the system deliver, per watt of electricity?


Parking Lot Lighting Lamp Life: How long do lamps last before needing replacement?

The answers to these questions will allow you to design a safer, more efficient parking lot lighting system. And, an efficient system is cost-effective system. In addition to added safety (and customer peace of mind!), many parking lot lighting system upgrades and retrofits qualify for government rebates

A Word about Surveillance

Regardless of lighting, keep in mind that some criminals are brazen. It might also be necessary to install video equipment and closed-circuit monitoring systems (CCTV) at your facility. Here’s why. Parking lots for retail centers are unique in that they are typically shared, making it difficult to control the timing of consumer (or criminal)access. No expense should be spared when it comes to customer safety… and your bottom line.

However, don’t choose surveillance over a lighting system upgrade without evaluating the lighting system first!Why? Lighting plays a vital role in how well CCTV systems work outdoors. Uniformity of lighting is extremely important. For example, if uniformity ratios are too high, images will have either hot spots (where images are blurred by bright areas of glare) or cool spots (where images are blacked out by areas of darkness)

Do you need a parking lot lighting system upgrade? If your facility was constructed more than ten years ago, chances are good that your parking lot lighting system is inadequate or energy inefficient. Don’t keep yourcustomers in the dark. A 1888-bunt-out? parking lot lighting expert can help you evaluate or upgrade your current security and building exterior lighting system.

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