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Ask an Electrical Contractor – How to Keep Kids Safe around Electricity

Ask an Electrical Contractor – How to Keep Kids Safe around Electricity

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Electrical Cotnractor

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Kids are curious. This is a fact of life. When little ones start to walk, run and explore the world around them, electrical dangers lurk, quite literally at their fingertips. Every year, thousands of children suffer electrical-related injuries and near mishaps in their own homes. Our ‘Ask an Electrical Contractor’ series aims to answer common questions about residential electricity, as well as provide safety tips to help keep you and your family safe.  Today’s post focuses on how keep your child safe from electrical dangers in the home.

Electrical Contractor Safety Tip #1 – Use Tamper-resistant Outlets –

Loose paper clips, hairpins, car keys, combs, eating and writing utensils are among the many objects toddlers use to tamper with low-lying wall sockets. While the vast majority of parents tirelessly endeavor to keep their children safe, statistics show this is not always possible.

The solution? Tamper-resistant outlets provide an affordable an automatic means to keep your child safe around wall sockets. While they are in no way a substitute for a watchful eye, they do provide a first line of defense against accidental electrocution. Here’s how they work: Tamper-resistant outlets have an internal shutter mechanism that is designed to keep unintended objects out of the receptacle. This spring-loaded mechanism only opens when equal pressure is applied to both shutters of a socket simultaneously.

Don’t feel like taking on a DIY project? A 1-888-burnt-out?  electrical contractor can install your tamper-resistant outlets.

Electrical Contractor Safety Tip #2 – Keep Electric Cords Tucked Away –

As little ones explore their world, many will find the urge to tug or chew on an electrical cord irresistible. To avoid electrical dangers and tripping hazards, keep cords and power strips neat, tidy and tucked away. Here’s how: Fasten extra cord length with zip ties, and whenever possible, place cords behind furniture or underneath special safety covers.

Electrical Contractor Safety Tip #3 – Practice Appliance Safety –

From hair dryers to curling irons and electric razor chargers in the bathroom to coffee makers and toasters near the kitchen sink, water and electricity are a dangerous combination.  Practice appliance safety by unplugging appliances that are not in use and keeping all plug-in appliances away from sources of water.  It is also important to note that even when unplugged, most electronic devices maintain residual eclectic current and continue to be hazardous.  Therefore, keep all dangling cords up and away from the edges of counters. Taking these steps will prevent your child from being shocked by appliances her or she can reach.

Electricity, when handled improperly, can be dangerous or even deadly. Teach your child to adopt a common sense approach to electrical safety, as he or she grows.  Still have questions? Ask your 1-888-burnt-out?  electrical contractor about electrical safety tips to keep your child safe at home.

Clcik here to download PDF of this Article