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The Importance Of Proper Commercial Outdoor Lighting

The Importance Of Proper Commercial Outdoor Lighting

on Nov 5, 2012 in adec electrical, Electrical sevices, Latest News, Lighting Maintenance, Lighting Servces, Lighting Services Vancouver, Outdoor Lighting, Sign Maintenance, Sign Service, Signs

Being the owner of a business you already know how vital it is to brand your business to increase growth. Branding is more than just marketing or personal style; in fact, your store front is how people identify your brand over all else. Looking at your store front and parking lot lighting through your customer’s eyes is the best way to understand how to create curb appeal and ensure you deliver the perfect first impression.

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Using Lighting To Increase Curb Appeal

  1. The first thing to hit your customer’s eyes when they pull into your parking lot is the Outdoor lighting or signage on your building and the amount of illumination in the area. Once clients feel that your parking lot is warm and welcoming, their view of your establishment increases ten fold. The next thing they see is the cleanliness of your parking lot and storefront; during daylight hours, this is easy, but in the evening, you have to ensure that your parking lot pole lights are properly lit. The first impression should always make your customers desire to get out of the car and come inside.
  1. The next thing you customers see is usually the front entrance of your business. Well placed attractive lighting not only has visual appeal but also provides additional illumination for your entrance. Poorly lit signage that lacks proper sign maintenance gives off the impression that the company is not cared for and unimaginative. This impression can lead customer to think that what you are offering is not of the best quality, attractive store fronts are essential in making sure you earn enough to grow your brand.
  1. Lighting maintenance is also a tremendously vital part of a businesses curb appeal. A business that hires a professional electrical contractor for attractive lighting installation but doesn’t follow through with sign service maintenance, or other routine electrical services will find that their foot traffic slowly decreases over time. To help prevent customer fall off, take a look around your store front during the evening hours to see if the path and entry ways are well it and if there are any bulbs that may need replacement.

Each of these valuable tips will help you not only increase your name recognition and maintain your branding, but also improve your curb appeal. With the proper commercial electrician, lighting your business doesn’t have to be overly costly or complicated. If you need reliable comprehensive electrical services,Aurora, Ontarioresidents can attest to quality of services of 1-888-burnt-out? can provide. If you are interested in getting a detailed quote for your commercial lighting project, give us a call today for more information.

We are happy to offer sign service, sign maintenance, and lighting maintenance along with our full range of electrical services. Whatever the size of your business, 1-888-burnt-out? can evaluate your indoor and outdoor lighting and recommend solutions that best fit your need

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