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The Purpose Of Commercial Outdoor Lighting

The Purpose Of Commercial Outdoor Lighting

on Nov 1, 2012 in adec electrical, Electrical sevices, Latest News, Lighting Maintenance, Lighting Servces, Lighting Services Vancouver, Outdoor Lighting, Sign Maintenance, Sign Service, Signs


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Cost effective Crime Prevention – More Than Just Sign Service

Businesses largest struggle is the fight against petty crime, and the second is providing adequate security for patrons. One of the first lines of defense in crime deferment for a business is providing a well lit parking area or parking structure for customers to use. Properly lit parking areas discourage intruders, loiterers and would be thieves while also lowering the instances of vandalism. Parking lot lighting also lends assistance to law enforcement in identifying potential problems.

Commercial locations that are lacking proper lighting installation not only invite trouble and discourage customers, but inadequate security in a poorly lit parking increases the chances of those customers suffering an assault. Proper lighting has the potential to transform a dangerous, uninviting parking area into a welcoming space for your clients and employees.

Parking Lot Lighting for Your Business

Outdoor lighting is more than just signage; properly structured applications encompass the exterior of your business, the adjacent roadway, as well as the parking lot lights. There are so many ways proper parking lighting placement can benefit your business and reduce your liabilities. There are many ways that outdoor lighting can bring positive benefits to your business, be it in the form of parking lot lighting, pole lights, walkway lighting, exterior lighting or exterior illumination on the building itself. Some additional benefits of proper outdoor parking area lighting are:

1. Atmosphere Improvement – The best way to attract customers is by ensuring they know you are open for business. A skilled electrical contractor can properly plan your parking lot light grid in a way that creates an inviting yet safe atmosphere for your customers. Lighting installation should always be handled by a professional that has the success of your business in mind, as such; any quality electrical services provider will suggest automatic dusk-to-dawn control to maintain the positive atmosphere of your parking lot.

2. Customer Safety– Properly placed pole lights not only decrease the chance of employee injury, but also helps customers avoid common accidents such as tripping over curbs, debris or other hazards that may be present. Regular electrical services such as sign maintenance and lighting maintenance will further ensure that the parking lot is properly lit at all times.

3. Cost Effectiveness– In the past, the high cost of power for outdoor lighting is what drove the design of the lighting installation. By placing fewer exterior illuminated signs and widely spacing pole lights, business owners would save on energy cost, but their liability would increase due to higher risks of theft or accidents. There are now numerous electrical services Aurora, Ontario has available that utilize LED and other energy saving illumination products. By reducing the cost though technology, you can now focus on proper parking lot lighting as opposed the cost of proper lighting.

We are happy to offer sign service, sign maintenance, and lighting maintenance along with our full range of electrical services. Whatever the size of your business, 1-888-burnt-out? can evaluate your indoor and outdoor lighting and recommend solutions that best fit your needs.

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