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Debunking Electrical Contractor Myths: Why DIY Projects are Costly

Debunking Electrical Contractor Myths: Why DIY Projects are Costly

on Oct 30, 2012 in adec electrical, Electrical sevices, Latest News, Lighting Maintenance, Lighting Servces, Lighting Services Vancouver, Outdoor Lighting, Sign Maintenance, Sign Service, Signs

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DIY (do-it-yourself) projects have become the favorite weekend pastime for many. In fact, painting, crafting, lighting installation and all manner of home renovation have become the backbone of billion-dollar industries. So, what’s the big deal? If a light switch is easier to reach on another wall, why not move it? There can’t be anything more to it than drilling holes and connecting wires… right? Why do I need to hire a professional electrical contractor?

Before mapping out your next DIY project, take a moment to review three important myths:

DIY Myth #1 – “A licensed or certified electrical contractor is overrated.” Hardly!

Indeed, we are biased in this regard, but the skill and dedication necessary to become an electrician is wholly underrated. Here’s why: A professional electrical contractor is not yesterday’s real estate agent who moonlights or dabbles in “electrical stuff” or the popular neighborhood handyman or janitor. In fact, the paths to licensure and certification are many, many years long. Chances are the electrical contractor you hire has honed his or her skills for the better part of a decade, including extensive coursework and years of serving as an apprentice. In other words, an electrical contractor has hard-earned, well-deserved credentials.

DIY Myth #2 – “I’m smart. Besides, I do all my own plumbing repairs around the house. I read up on the subject and taught myself.” Err, not so fast.

It is important to note that an electrical contractor is specially trained to install, repair, alter, augment or design electrical wiring. This is very different from plumbing. Notwithstanding the skill it takes to become versed in residential piping, however, but if a pipe bursts or a toilet overflows, these events are rarely hazardous. Unfortunately, a mishap during electrical installations or repairs can cause serious injury. Furthermore, not only is injury a very real possibility for the untrained, improper wiring can cause extensive damage, ultimately increasing the very expenses the DIY project aims to avoid.

DIY Myth #3 – “I can save the money I would spend hiring an electrical contractor if I do the work.” Well, maybe on paper.

This type of ‘fuzzy math’ fails when you start to add in the costs of proper tools and equipment. When you pay for the services of a professional electrical contractor, you gain all the necessary tools of the trade. For example, completion of a residential project will require basic tools, such as a cordless compact drill, side-cutters, wire strippers, screwdrivers, needle nose pliers, a tape measure, hammer, and, and, and… Not only must you purchase these tools, you must also learn how to use them.

So, are all DIY (do-it-yourself) projects too risky to tackle alone? The honest answer is that “it depends.” Definitively, the bottom line is this: When the completion of a project calls for work normally performed by a licensed tradesman, hiring a professional makes sense and saves cents. Whether you need to install low-voltage landscape lighting, ceiling fans or lighting fixtures, or install, replace or move electric outlets and switches, a 1-888-burnt-out? electrical contractor can help you save money and time, while gaining peace of mind.

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