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LED Cost Savings: Using Professional Lighting Service for Residential Projects

LED Cost Savings: Using Professional Lighting Service for Residential Projects

on Oct 16, 2012 in adec electrical, Latest News, Lighting Maintenance, Lighting Servces, Lighting Services Vancouver, Sign Maintenance, Sign Service, Signs

When it comes to the use of a professional lighting service, the vast majority of homeowners think of small businesses or large, commercial enterprises. Add to this misconception the concept of residential energy efficiency, and the topic of LEDs (light-emitting diodes) rarely if ever enters the discussion.

The enlightening truth is that many occasions call for the expertise of a professional lighting service contractor to be used in a residential environment. These instances include at-home remodeling projects, lighting and energy-efficient assessments, lighting/fixture replacements and upgrades and more. In all of these instances, energy-saving LEDs can be used.

In fact, there are three different ways that LEDs can be used to enhance personal living spaces, while, at the same time, driving down the costs of energy consumption.

s         Lighting Sources (Lamps, Bulbs) – In this first strategy, LED lamps can be substituted for incandescent or halogen lamps in all fixtures throughout the home.

s         Lighting Fixtures – The second strategy does not require new design but rather energy-efficient, LED fixture replacement.

s         Lighting Design – This third strategy is the most rewarding and effective way to employ LED lighting technology. A lighting service or interior design professional can make recommendations on how and where LED lighting can be used to replace or enhance ambient, task and accent lighting within the home.

The longer life of the LED bulb (nearly 50,000 hours, versus 2,000 hours for incandescent bulbs), together with its ability to remain cool while illuminated, demonstrates its prime suitability for residential use. It should also be noted that LEDs give off/emit light in a specific direction, which is also an energy-saving feature.

The Key to Saving More on At-Home Lighting Service Projects

When choosing a lighting service contractor or lighting service company to complete LED projects for your home, look for one that provides turnkey service (i.e., project completion, from start to finish). For example, the hassle of coordinating additional trade professionals can be confusing when a job requires specialized, incidental work, such as painting touch-ups or drywall patching. Save time and money by choosing a lighting service contractor that provides turnkey services, by employing or working with a ready team of technicians.

Whether you need to replace lamps in hard-to-reach fixtures, install motion sensors, relocate light switches or seek a comprehensive lighting assessment, 1-888-burnt-out? provides turnkey residential lighting service. Consider using professional lighting service for all your at-home projects, and light up your interior living spaces or residential exterior with energy-efficient LEDs.